Scholarly Schmolarly…

The limericks on this site poke fun at politicians in a juvenile manner with jokes that are a bit obvious, to say the least. This is done intentionally to reflect the blatant buffoonery of the Trump administration. El Trumpo has this habit in his speeches of thinking that’s he is being very clever, while illustrating his profound idiocy. His lies are apparent, and we know that he doesn’t have “the best words”. In a larger sense, these simple jokes mirror the tone of the Right-wing fanatics, who are loud, obvious, lazy in their rigors of research, and positive in their convictions.

Limericks uphold a long-standing tradition of folk obscenity. Only bad limericks are subtle. As such, any jokes in these limericks will tend to float in the shallow end of the pool, with the piss from the kids wearing swimmies, while the politicians themselves remain the most truly obscene part. They are, after-all, the butt of the jokes: boisterous, vacant, and self-righteously aggrandized.

Some would say that we need to fight fire with fire. To that end, I present limericks simple enough, that even the dullest Trumpite should be able to grok them.